Wondering what else you have in your kitchen that you could use to brew espresso-ground rooibos tea?  Due to it's finer form than regular rooibos, the finer the mesh, the better the brew and less of the chew :-)  Some folk don't mind having a few tea leaves floating in their tea, and of course, it's not harmful either.  They would just be a little extra fibre in your diet.

This image shows an example of a fine mesh tea strainer (this particular one seen at Target) that can fit a mug, and some to-go, insulated mugs also come with these.  It provides the option of leaving it in the to-go mug if one prefers a really strong tea.  And Red Espresso®, espresso-ground rooibos, is not sensitive to brew temperature or time so they can remain in water for the desired strength that one prefers.  The tea's nutritional value and flavor will not diminish with prolonged brewing.  Wonderful, huh?!

Time to go put on the kettle...!