What on earth am I on about? Did I have a little too much espresso to make me blurry-eyed, wishing upon stars and espresso?


I had hoped that the handheld, portable coffee maker, Aeropress would fit the bill for making Red Espresso® on the go, show-off/posh style. But alas. It requires miniature paper filters inside it's chamber when pressing / filtering coffee.

Why can't Red Espresso® be used in an Aeropress, especially because Red Espresso® is espresso-ground rooibos tea able to play by coffee's rules? The big deal is that it can be enjoyed anyway one would coffee, and through any coffee appliance that does NOT use filter paper.  That only eliminates the filter paper pour-over and the Aeropress.  The reason being, is Red Espresso® is ground further than regular rooibos, so we get an increase in surface area and an increase in nutrients. Some of the grounds are so fine, they are powder.  The powder is just as nutritious as the grounds, if not more so, so why waste them left behind in the paper?

Welcome into our world of Red Espresso® tea wonder: The Staresso! No filter paper. All nutrients. All drink.  AND any drink you like. Anytime, anywhere.

What is a Staresso? It's SO cool! It's a red dot award-winning product.  Watch the video link below or go to the website : www.staresso.com

Where can I buy a Staresso? They retail on Amazon (don't forget to buy under Amazon.com/smile and chose a non-profit of your choice for a percentage of your purchase to go towards) for about $39.99.  I think that's great value when there's no additional monthly accessories required!

Have a look at the video link.  In the meantime, I'm off to my Amazon.com/smile bookmark...


NOTE: . Red Espresso® swells with hot water, so don't overfill the chamber!