I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, and with the current strain on our nation & world, I thought it would be an appropriate time to draw our attention away from global strain & onto a more pleasant kind - the coffee 'strainer' that is perfect for brewing Red Espresso®!

Red Espresso® is the new way to enjoy rooibos, as it's now espresso-ground, still caffeine-free, so it can play by coffee's rules. Bravo! Of course, if one is looking for a caffeine-free, coffee alternative that still tastes like coffee, it won't be found here.  Red Espresso® is an ideal coffee-style alternative offering the dark, rich warmth of a strong beverage, whether hot or cold, in lattes or cappuccinos or a pure shot of Red Espresso®. It's got a very unique, earthy (without tasting like the ground!), naturally gentle, sweet flavor which a strong tea can bring.  But this tea is tannin-free so there is no bitterness or bitter aftertaste. No teeth-staining.  It's hardy in its growth, so it's hardy in its brewing too.  It's like a lot of South Africans : we love the sun, self-motivated to survive and thrive, can take a lot of strain, and come out better for it on the other side! So, Red Espresso® loves the heat, and can still perform under gentle, more drawn-out conditions too, for a perfect brew.

Here, in this guide, the Drip Carafe is one way to brew a "pot" of Red Espresso® rooibos tea.  The key in any pour-over method is not to use a paper liner.  The reason being is that the fine powder in Red Espresso® (which is just as rich in nutrients as is the espresso-ground leaves) can gradually lead to a blocked paper filter & all the goodness remain in the liner.  When considering to purchase a piece of coffee brewing equipment for Red Espresso®, the only thing to make sure is that the filter has a stainless steel fine mesh filter or fine wire mesh, such as one that submerses in a reusable to-go cup.  And then, you simply follow the piece of equipment's manufacturer's guidelines.

Brew. Sip. Savor. Repeat!

And any serving of brewed Red Espresso® can be enjoyed pure, added to an equal amount of clear apple juice, served with blue berries and fresh mint, or even in your smoothie! Either way, you will enjoy a huge serving of rich antioxidants. Bravo!

While sipping & savoring, remember to pop your bag of remaining Red Espresso® in a cool, dry place (not the fridge) until your next beverage.