Have you been to Home Goods lately? Oh, of course, that's either a silly or rhetorical question.

IL O V E HomeGoods!

Recently, I went into our local branch and made a bee line for the most important section to me - the food shelf.  Seeking more foodies around the corner, leaning against all the teas, I found gorgeous mugs. And then, there she was!  In all her curvy glory! She was sweet, and inexpensive! *heart-eyeballed-emoji* Her curves put the traditional sharp lines of a Italian Bialetti moka express pot in to the land of dully-drab! Oh what style she bore! Items are designed essentially for function, but why not have it all, like high heels - elevation, style and all bases covered!

A Moka Pot or Macchinetta (meaning small machine), is equivalent to a stove top or electric coffee maker. It produces espresso by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through the ground coffee OR Red Espresso®, espresso-ground rooibos tea! Whaaadd?? Tea? In a coffee applicance? Absolutely!

For newbies, including me up until recently, and those seeking a cool european way of preparing a new & exotic hot beverage, simply add the desired strength of rooibos, filtered water, and ci si va! (And a view of the utube clip is helpful too, with bonus drink suggestions). And there you have it! An incredible shot of tea espresso! Bliss! Tea. Elevated. Stylish Tea. Enjoy!